I am a


I have a degree in Computer Science and four years of experience working in the field. I have developed both desktop and web based applications that have been used by various individuals and organizations to better their day to day tasks. I also develop websites, from the simple information pages, to complex e-commerce ventures. Check out some of my projects here.


You know that feeling, when you’ve been driving in the car for hours then finally you can smell the ocean? Or when you are all warm and covered up with a cup of cocoa on a cold rainy afternoon? Moments like this pretty much wash away everything and leave us, even if just for a moment, in utter blissfulness.

Appreciation is the ability to understand or be fully aware of the worth, quality or importance of something or someone. Life is full of things to appreciate. From music, to art and even different cultures. So when you find me smiling by myself, or staring (totally not in a stalkish way – most times), I’m not crazy, just appreciating the moment :-)